How to Prepare for an Upcoming Martial Art Test

You have practiced the spinning hooks hundreds of times and sparred with your friends over and over but still you are not sure about clearing the upcoming martial art test, then you are not alone. Many people who learn martial arts feel anxious before they take on the test.With right preparation and proper guidance you can take on the test with confidence and earn the coveted belt that you have been eyeing on. The following martial arts training tips will be help you prepare your mind and body for the challenge.1. Pack in more cardiovascular exercises in to your routines as they will help you endure the jumping drills and squats.2. Talk to your instructor and know the key metrics on which you will be rated. The key metrics will differ from one school to the other. Also, discuss with people who have gone before you (seniors), you might extract some valuable tips from them.3. If possible watch a real test or watch videos of tests on YouTube this will help you get accustomed with the process.4. Perform Katas in front of your friends and ask them for feedback. Do this on a regular basis and compare the feedback at the end of the week to see where you stand. Ask your friends to be critical in evaluating your moves.5. Eat and exercise regularly and keep your body in an optimal condition. Test your endurance everyday by climbing a flight of stairs up and down several times while increasing the number of times day by day.6. Mentally visualize performing Katas in front of judges and earning the belt. Many peak performers in sports use this technique to be at their best. This is called Neurolinguistic programming or NLP in short. You are programming your mind for the upcoming event so that you don’t feel anxious on the day of the test.7. Brush up your knowledge on Katas, martial arts belts and martial arts moves by discussing with your friends and by searching on the internet.8. The night before you take the test, make sure the uniform is neatly pressed and is clear of spots to make a good impression.9. Arrive early to the test to avoid any last minute stress10. Be nice to everyone you meet at the test and answer questions politely. Remember your attitude is also rated in a martial arts test.I hope you found the above tips helpful. I would like to add a few general pointers about taking the test. A martial art test is conducted to test both your physical and mental strength, so try to strike balance between both forms of training. Practice regularly and don’t try to cram more hours when the test is just a few days away. Prepare in advance and if possible write down your exercise regimen on paper and paste it on a wall or refrigerator where you can see it everyday. This will help you stay on track and will increase your self-confidence to take the test.

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